Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gina Hulk - Joy Stick

Gina Hulk - Joy Stick

We where looking for some new rims today and stumbled into a fine ass Latina honey. After we offered to cut her a deal with her rims she was all smiles on her way to our place. This hottie has a big Cubana ass that is screaming to get out for air and some bouncing action. This is one bad ass girl with some sick moves. Dont miss out on this serious....Enjoy! See more here

Monday, February 7, 2011

Anavelle in bass and booty

Anavelle in bass and booty

Anavelle works at a local car shop where Serg and I met her. She had been there for six hours and no luck selling anything. Serg pulled out some cash and things started to turn in our favor. The Mexican beauty had a gorgeous smile and a tight pussy. They fucked on the shops office floor where she let go of the stress of the day. Amatures Enjoy..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Angelina Castro in Naughty Angelina

Angelina Castro in Naughty Angelina

Ramon and I went to go have lunch when we ran into the sexy, Angelena. She was looking delectable in that dress. She had some big juicy tits that were almost popping out of her dress. After some persuasion, she was willing to go back to our place to have a good time. Soon after, she was shaking her plump ass around in beautiful fashion. It was not long until her big beautiful tits were out and in Ramon's face. She deep throated his... Download This Full Episode Here!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jana - Red hot banging

Jana - Red hot banging

We where cruising the streets and spotted a cute Latina chick window shopping. We had to stop by and say hi to see if she wanted to join us. After talking for a bit she ends up coming back to our place where she shows off how much of a freak we knew she was a along... Enjoy! See more now!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Paula, Roge and Harland

Paula is a sultry, curvy Latina that has no problem with taking on two wangs at once - in fact that's the kind of thing that she absolutely loves doing. Harland and Harvey Mancia are glad to have this piece of Latina rump down in the middle of them, and they start in on her tits and rump right away. She, on the other hand, just wants to rip off their brazilian nude pants to get a good look at their wangs. Her butt gets slapped as she starts mouthing on them, going up to the final moment where they DP the bang out of her.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Margaret Tores, Andre Garcia and Anderson Silvia

Margaret Tores is the type of Latina that you would love to get to know - she has sweet natural tits that are a bit on the micro side, a little bit of slit hair, and an rump that is truly incredible. Andrew Garcia can't believe just how much that backside sticks latina sex out - he puts his face in it right away. Anderson Silvia takes on that backside next, spreading it open and licking her hole. This is all to get her ready for the big finish - that great DP that is going to make her scream and moan like she has never moaned before. I'm certainly looking forward to that part.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Anita Vice, Jacobe and Micah Silva

Anita Vice has one rather impressive rump - not that I would expect less from a lusty videos porno brasil Latina. This natural tit hottie stretches out in the grass with Jacobe and Micha Silva, who have different plans for her in this threesome than you would expect. They aren't just going to skewer her in between their peckers - they are going to go for broke and just sex porn DP the hell out of this gorgeous Latina. She can't help but scream once that massive ebony cock pounds into her booty. She is completely and utterly stretched out from all the weiner.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alessandra Marques, Roge and Ygor

Alessandra Marques has one of those Latina bodies that just makes you want to fuck the hell out of her - it is pumping incredible, especially when she starts running her hands up and down her body. She bites at her lip as she works her fingers against her clit, but she isn't left alone for porn brazil long. Roge and Ygor pop up to show her what they got, and she certainly seems to be welcoming of their huge wangs. She wasn't expecting what happened next, though - they end up banging her at the same time, one tool in her booty and the other in her slit.